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Our Services

IT/Facility Infrastructure Modernization:


•Requirements Engineering

•Advocate visionary approach in standardized IT Infrastructure to ensure resilience against some anticipated level of changes

•Support Development of Standards and Policies for IT (Data/Voice/AV) Infrastructure and related Facilities Modernization

•Support Design of Common IT (Switch Rooms, Consolidated Server Rooms to support Applications and Data Centers)

•Conduct Customer IT and Facilities requirements Survey of Office Spaces, Command Centers, Conference and Training Facilities, facilities to support specialized operations

•Requirements Mapping against Standardized Offering

•Coordination of Requirements packages for Implementation Contractors

•Facilities Engineering

•Standardization of functional standard Office facilities and standard utility and HVAC specifications per sq/ft of user spaces

•Specialized facilities and higher levels of standardized utility and other HVAC requirements to support Telecom Facilities, Data Centers, Switch/Equipment Rooms, Command Center type facilities, Conference/Training facilities, and other Special Operations,

•Types and sizes of data communication pathways depending on the classification of the facilities,

•Security Engineering requirements support for the facility design and construction depending upon the level of classification

•Customer Advocate and Relations Management, Implementation Coordination, and Post Implementation Support

•Customer Requirements Custodian and Implementation Management

•Continuous communication and Status Updates

•Change Management Support, if required

•Customer Buy-In throughout the Implementation, Test, Cut-Over, and Operationalization support

•Managing transition to O & M Organizations for continuous support through the product life-cycle

•Earn Customer respect to be an Honest broker for any dispute resolution

Cyber Security

•Cyber Security and Vulnerability assessment has been one of the core competencies for PSC since our company’s inception. Our work spans supporting the developments of cyber policy and programs, guiding the Technical implementation of government rules, policies, and procedures, to defending networks from internal and external Threats.

•Our cyber professionals apply their expertise and skills to make organizations and their support networks and systems secure throughout their life cycle. We bring the right blend of expertise to focus on your cyber problem by combining leading edge industry technical skills, industry recognized certifications, and innovative solutions to cyber issues.

•Provide support to create a Dashboard Presentation Views to visualize status and metrics information, pertaining to the vulnerability assessment and ATO/POA&M, of various projects by performing data analytics using Tableau and Power BI. Greater emphasis has been on automation of the data extraction from the data source repository and via automated analysis and presentation.

Some of the areas we impact every day

•Policy – Our team works with clients to adapt their operations to the ever-changing cyber threat. Our people influence procurement choices, operations, and training programs within organizations to ensure the mission can be accomplished under any condition.

•Network and System Testing – We accomplish all levels of network and system-level testing to support acquisition, installation, integration, and accreditation activities.

•Network Defense – PSC supports all aspects of secure network design, implementation, and operation. We ensure the mission networks used by our customers are secure and optimized.

Systems Engineering


•Engineering Integration

Agility and cost control are mainstays of our engineering integration capabilities. Our approach Is to promote and apply innovation to meet the rigors of our customer’s system requirements. This includes applying innovative design and implementation to systems, software, hardware, networks, and security engineering problem sets. Our approach- built upon our corporate values as a foundation-provides a comprehensive lifecycle of mission engineering support. Worldwide Secure Enterprise Network Systems Architecture, JRSS, High Bandwidth Connectivity schemes to desktop, Consolidated Applications and Data Centers, and support Applications Migrations efforts.

•Mission Application

At PSC, we understand your mission and the technologies that enable your users to perform successfully. Through our expertise and our corporate partnerships – we strive to bring the highest value in delivering applications that are mission oriented, robust, and secure.

•Technology Management

The key to managing mission performance that meet your challenging and dynamic operational needs is efficient and effective enterprise lifecycle management. PSC’s holistic approach spans rapid prototyping, technology insertion, sustainment, and migration of platforms and IT infrastructures. We ensure your mission solution enterprise will continue to perform while exploiting the newest technology, features, and benefits.

• Global Public Safety Communication and Emergency Response 

Providing Systems Engineering and Systems Integration support with  innovative approach to integrating various Public Safety Communication and Emergency Response Management capabilities. This is to create a highly responsive Emergency Response and Disaster Management system to enhance Public Safety using modern technological aids. This includes provisions of integrated Public Safety capabilities from various emergency response contributors of Federal and Civilian domain to include Fire Brigades, Ambulances/Medical Support Units, Law Enforcement, Military and Civil Administrations etc. Significant savings, while improving the responsiveness, is envisioned.

Software Applications Development

Review current operation and look for efficiency via automation

•Leverage existing data to obtain business intelligence for real-time status reporting

•Develop software applications to support customer operation that adds value

•Develop process Automation Applications to support Personnel, Space Planning, IT Infrastructure Configuration, and Business Process Automation Workflow for funding as well as Helpdesk operation and trouble Ticket management

•Supply chain, Logistics, and applications to perform Business Intelligence to leverage information asset for decision support


•Supported Helpdesk operation by automation of some of the processes including Trouble Ticket Status review and reporting

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