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Business Transformation​


For Business Transformation to take advantage of modern technologies to seek durable productivity gains, cost reductions, and improvements in responsiveness and product quality, PSC is also focused on process improvement to reduce any execution delays and latency. This assists in creating high performing teams. Working with multi-discipline engineering and business analyst teams, and the leaderships within the target organizations, PSC remains focused on arranging customer buy-in for any proposed solution to their requirements and subsequent customer expectations management until the system test and acceptance.​


•Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)

•With successful execution and deployment, PSC brings to bear a full discipline of LSS to organizations’ operations to achieve CPI.  PSC has successfully utilized its innovative Integrated Deployment Model (IDM) that integrates all the best practices for CPI and BT Methodology.​


•Executive Coaching


•This coaching addresses the following key issues that executives face:•Achieving top-line results through others•Managing objectives against time and resources•Creating the appropriate people architecture to support objectives•Creating communication structures to report on results•Leading versus managing , Delegating and tracking delegated items•Preparing for one-on-one and staff meetings•The consultant develops, maintains, and instructs Lean Six Sigma Awareness Training for Organizations’ Executive leaders and other employees​


•Mentoring and Training


•Develop Belts/Practitioners by an effective training and mentoring that include the primary elements of LSS to include – Business Process Management, Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), and Lean.

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